August 31, 2007

how this keeps happening.  It’s as though the blog gods don’t want me to succeed.  But I ain’t giving up.


I guess

August 29, 2007

I had better learn to live with it.  Apparently I can no longer administer to this blog.  The dashboard has changed into some elementary model that the folks over at the forum can’t explain.  What they have suggested is that I clear the cookies from my browser and see if that is what is causing the problem.  I am hesitant to do this since I may have some cookies that are too valuable to lose.  On the other hand, life is about choices right.

So Strange . . .

June 11, 2007

I came to wordpress because it is supposed to have the ability to email my posts with comments to subscribers.  I have yet to see the feedflare results I ordered.

Later, that same day . . .

June 9, 2007

Still trying out features and noticing things, I see off to my right the missing categories widget and I add this scattershot entry to it.