Late at night

is a familiar time.  I’ve just finished reading another book, this one by Barry Eisler.  It’s the latest in his series about John Rain, this one called Requiem for an Assassin.  I guess I’m going to have to look up that word requiem because right now it’s resonating with Requiem for a Heavyweight which both Anthony Quinn and Jack Palance gave such meaning to.  In this one Rain is forced out of retirement and into facing himself in order to save his one and (he thinks) only friend.  But that’s enough about the plot.  What intrigues me about this book is how it fits into the whole genre of thrillers who’s story line is about the failures of governments and politicians and our current and recurrent need to wage war to reach a peace. 

As I was finishing this story, I had an epiphany.  What if the people around the world who really do want peace without war decided to protest by simply stopping all unneccessary use of oil.  I mean it.  Walk to work, car pool for real, use public transportation, bike it, and any other means of protest that would bring this system of dependence and immature need to a halt.  They could say they are doing it to fight terrorism.  Wow, I need to go reread Saul Alinsky’s Requiem for a Radical. 


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